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Gives a translation of words in any direction within the limits of the Kazakh, Russian and English languages
They are destined for the description of special terms from areas of a science and spheres of society
Common base, which includes linguistic and particularized dictionaries with explanation of words meaning
Gives access to the interactive inquiry-cognitive information about Republic of Kazakhstan
The organization of collective work of experts for the purpose of formation of set of terms of the Kazakh language
This service allows to have a look of pattern and download non-standard fonts, adapted over Kazakh alphabet
It is intended for collection of written language from a wide range of sources and application of program on its processing, classification and analysis on the set parameters
System of testing for definition of level of possession of the state language of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The Remote multimedia complex of training to the Kazakh language of experts of a technical profile
The Database of historical and cultural fund of the Kazakh language on written and ethnoarchaeological sources
Effective and affordable tool for teaching basic communication in the official language.
Produced for intenssive courses of training the official language for adult audiences.
Contains more than 5000 names of geographic features in the normalized Russian and writing Kazakh
Аталған бөлімде «Қазақстан Республикасы Мәдениет министрлігінің Тіл комитеті «Мемлекеттік тілді және Қазақстан халқының басқа да тілдерін дамыту» бағдарламасы бойынша кітаптар жарияланды.
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